Cash Advances

SouthernTrust Bank offers cash advance services for credit cards and reloadable debit cards at our Goreville and Vienna branches. Many credit cards and pre-loaded cards offer cash advance options in addition to purchases. This allows cardholders to withdraw cash either at an ATM or over the counter at a participating financial institution. 

Things to keep in mind when considering a cash advance from a credit cards:

  • Rate. Many credit card may charge a higher rate of interest on cash advances and purchases classified as cash advances.
  • Fees. Many card carriers charge a cash advance fee that is independent of the interest rate. The fee is in addition to interest and is usually charged as a percentage of the amount advanced with a minimum if the advance is too low.
  • Limit. Most cards have a different limit for cash advances and purchases classified as cash advances. While a card may have a $5,000 credit limit, it may have a lower portion of the overall limit that is for cash advances.

It is best to contact your card provider to get your current fees, limits and rates before doing a cash advance.

SouthernTrust Bank branches are participating financial institutions for Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. Physical card and valid identification are required. Please contact your local branch if you have any questions.