Wire Transfer Service

As a SouthernTrust Bank customer, you are able to send and receive wire transfers to and from other banks in the United States as well as internationally with a signed Wire Transfer Agreement.  A fee is charged for incoming and outgoing wire transfers as disclosed in the bank's current fee schedule.

We're all about keeping your money safe as we help it grow.  A wire transfer eliminates the need to carry cash providing a quick, secure way to transfer your money.  You can transfer funds from bank to bank nationwide and even send money internationally.

Incoming Wire Transfers

Incoming wire transfer service is available to customers for a small fee as disclosed in the bank's current fee schedule.  To receive a wire to your SouthernTrust Bank account, the sender will need wiring instructions.  Please call our wire transfer department at 618-658-8888 or visit your local branch to obtain those wiring instructions.

We cannot guarantee that wires will be received on the same day they are sent nor can we anticipate the exact arrival time.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

To make a wire transfer, please visit any of our branch locations to complete the required paperwork.  Wire requests must be received before 2:30PM Central Time, Monday-Friday (except holidays), for the wire to be sent the same day.

The wire fees are detailed in the bank's current fee schedule.  Wiring instructions must be obtained from the beneficiary prior to requesting the wire transfer.  Foreign wires may take a few days up to a few weeks to be delivered.

If you have any questions or need more information regarding a wire transfer, please call us at 618-658-8888 or visit your local branch.