Text Banking and Text Alerts

Available to all customers, you can bank and receive account information on the go with our Text Banking and Text Alerts through your online banking.

Text Banking

Once you've been enrolled in our online banking, go to "Manage Profile" and attach your cell phone to your account.  You can then text the Text Banking number 662265 and recieve a text update of your account information wherever you are. 

Here are the prompts you can text:

  • BAL - balance on your default account
  • BAL ALL - balances for all accounts
  • BAL (nickname) - balance on nicknamed account  example: BAL savings
  • ACT - activity on default account
  • ACT (nickname) - activity on nicknamed account   example: ACT savings
  • HELP - phone number for support 1 (800) 545-4274
  • CMD - list of commands

Text Alerts

Your financial security is our priority.  With Text Alerts you can receive automatic text messages to your phone so you never have to worry.  You pick the day and time!  The alerts include receiving a text when:

  • Your account falls below an amount of your choice
  • When your loan payment is due
  • Your account receives a withdrawal more than a certain amount
  • Your account receives a deposit more than a certain amount
  • A specific check number has cleared
  • And many more! 

Additionally, your text alerts can be set to send your balance every Friday just to keep you informed of your account balance on a regular basis.

To setup your Text Alerts, go to the menu and choose "Manage Alerts".  You can set up security alerts or click "My Alerts +" and customize them to your needs!   If you have further questions, find out more by calling our online banking department at 618-998-0098.