Notary Services

SouthernTrust Bank offers quick and convenient notary services. A Notary Public is a public servant appointed by state government to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths. Notaries play a vital role in assuring the integrity of documents essential to commercial and legal transactions. A Notary Public acts as an impartial witness identifying signers to screen out impostors and to make sure they have entered into agreements knowingly and willingly. Documents are notarized to deter fraud and to ensure they are properly executed.

SouthernTrust Bank employees who are Notary Publics may be able to provide notary services for the following:

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Deeds, mortgages, liens, leases
  • Real estate title transfers
  • Other documents requiring a witness and verification

Notary services are provided for a small fee as disclosed in the bank's current fee schedule.

Notary Services are provided at all branch locations.